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June 2022

Here's a short list of interesting and noteworthy things that I encountered or explored in June 2022:


I met b.oakman's poems and fell in love with the words, especially Anxiety Doesn't Knock First.


a reason for being

A friend mentioned ikigai in passing to me:

graph TD

A  -->B[what do I love to do?]
A -->C[what am I great at doing?]
graph TD

F[the world]
G[what does the world need?] 
H[what is the world willing to pay for?]

When I find something that I love to do and that I am great at doing: that is my passion. Passion is not enough for ikigai: it's a very self-centered approach: the universe should just provide for me to do what I want?

  • If we go towards what I love and what the world needs purely: we find mission.
  • If we go towards what I'm great at and the world will pay for: we have profession.
  • A vocation is something that the world will pay for and that you can do.

Finding your ikigai means finding the sweet spot, finding something that checks all of these boxes:

  • I love to do it.
  • I am great at doing it.
  • The world needs it.
  • The world is willing to pay for it.

This is a process of finding something that fulfills my desires and solves the world's needs.